Almost Doesn't Count

Almost Doesn't Count

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Amid the glitz and glam of Washington, D.C.'s elite circle of movers and shakers are three ambitious ladies reaching for the top--and ready to face any obstacle in their way. . .<br><br>Switching from life on the White House fast track to stay-at-home mom doesn't quite suit Sherise--especially once she suspects her husband is having an affair. And when she receives a threatening note, it's clear someone wants revenge--but who, and for what?. . ..When successful lawyer Billie gets romantically involved with a client who might be involved in a drug operation, she discovers she may have made a fatal mistake--and far more than her career is on the line. . ..Juggling her work at the Pentagon with her personal life is turning out to be more complicated--and more dangerous--than Erica expected. When her little brother gets pulled into the fray, Erica will have to make a life-changing choice. . ..Between conniving exes, power hungry bosses, meddling relatives, and secrets that just won't stay hidden, these ladies are making their own personal headlines--in the world's most news-making city. . .<br><br><b>Praise for Angela Winters</b><br><br>". . .full of believable drama. . ." --<i>Romantic Times </i>on <i>Back on Top </i><br><br>"A <i>Dynasty-esque mix of money, power, sex, and crime." on <i>View Park </i></i>

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Aug 28, 2012





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General Adult