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A  Beautiful Young Woman

A Beautiful Young Woman


'A moving story . . . powerful, celebratory, and loving.' 'Laura Cardona, La NaciónSet in the midst of Argentina's military dictatorship, a poignant and evocative debut novel about family, political violence, and the consequences of dissidenceAs political violence escalates around them, a young boy and his single mother live together in an apartment in Buenos Aires'which has recently been taken over by Argentina's military dictatorship. When the boy returns home one day to find his mother missing (or 'disappeared'), the story fractures, and the reader encounters him fully grown, consumed by the burden of his loss, attempting to reconstruct the memory of his mother.      By leaping forward in time, the boy'now a man'subtly gives shape to his mother's activism, and in the process recasts the memories from his childhood. The result is a stylistically masterful and deeply moving novel marking the English-language debut of one of Argentina's most promising writers.

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Nov 14, 2017





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