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 Why Bob Dylan Matters

Why Bob Dylan Matters


FULLY REVISED AND UPDATED. &;The coolest class on campus&; &; The New York TimesWhen the Nobel Prize for Literature was awarded to Bob Dylan in 2016, a debate raged. Some celebrated, while many others questioned the choice.  How could the world&;s most prestigious book prize be awarded to a famously cantankerous singer-songwriter who wouldn&;t even deign to attend the medal ceremony?In Why Bob Dylan Matters, Harvard Professor Richard F. Thomas answers this question with magisterial erudition. A world expert on Classical poetry, Thomas was initially ridiculed by his colleagues for teaching a course on Bob Dylan alongside his traditional seminars on Homer, Virgil, and Ovid. Dylan&;s Nobel Prize brought him vindication, and he immediately found himself thrust into the spotlight as a leading academic voice in all matters Dylanological. Today, through his wildly popular Dylan seminar&;affectionately dubbed "Dylan 101"&;Thomas is introducing a new generation of fans and scholars to the revered bard&;s work. This witty, personal volume is a distillation of Thomas&;s famous course, and makes a compelling case for moving Dylan out of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and into the pantheon of Classical poets. Asking us to reflect on the question, "What makes a classic?", Thomas offers an eloquent argument for Dylan&;s modern relevance, while interpreting and decoding Dylan&;s lyrics for readers. The most original and compelling volume on Dylan in decades, Why Bob Dylan Matters will illuminate Dylan&;s work for the Dylan neophyte and the seasoned fanatic alike. You&;ll never think about Bob Dylan in the same way again. 

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Nov 21, 2017





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