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Grammar Smart

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THE KNOWLEDGE YOU NEED TO BE A GRAMMAR GURU.How you speak and write can say a lot about you. Grammar makes a lasting impression, but learning it can seem like a never-ending parade of complicated and contradictory rules! That&;s why we at The Princeton Review created Grammar Smart&;instead of boring you with countless rules and confusing grammatical terms, this book takes a fun approach to showing the logic behind each correct sentence. This updated fourth edition of Grammar Smart brings you:&; In-depth reviews of the basic parts of speech&; Tips on how to avoid misplaced modifiers and dangling participles&; A glossary of key grammar terms&; Quick quizzes throughout the book to help you check your progress&; Detailed sentence diagrams to help you identify word classes&; Comprehensive summaries of each major grammar topic

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Random House Digital


Jan 16, 2018





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